Friday, February 25, 2011

I went to Sydney and ate some stuff

So last weekend I went to Sydney.

 It was a trip with a purpose, and that purpose was not touristy food stuff.... but still, I obsessively took photos of pretty much everything we ate.  It's what I do  :P

I think I missed out on photos of the airplane food and the hotel breakfast... but other than that I snapped pics of everything.

I quite like airplane food.  I like the cute little cups and cutlery sets. I like that all the food comes individually wrapped and in separate containers.  Not very eco, but then again either is flying in general.  When I fly, I always book a vegan meal.  Mostly because you get your meal before everyone else, but also because of the food allergies the childrens have.  My QANTAS vegan breakfast was cornflakes with soy milk and a muffin.  It wasn't anything special.  So i don't think you're missing anything by my not having taken a photo.

Anyway,  Most of the food was quickly grabbed from the cafeterias at the trade shows we visited.  We had some interesting stuff and most of it good.  I have to say I was quite surprised at the amount of effort put into the food at these trade events.  One of the trade shows in particular, had really quite fancy food. That was where we enjoyed the chocolate and caramel tart.  Damn it was good.  I wish I had one right now!  The chocolate formed a crackly shell over the gooey caramel.  the beauty of the tart was that it wasn't too sweet.  It was just perfectly tasty and delicious.  

The other slightly random food place we had a pretty tasty meal was at the airport. I think the place was called Wok Air.  I had the laksa and it was a pretty good one.  

glass noodle, herb and vege salad with a cannelloni thing

thai fish cakes.  they were ok, but the sauce was the star!

SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS chocolate and caramel tart

vege Laksa from Sydney Airport.  Very tasty!

asian vege in oyster sauce

The food highlight of the trip was our dinner at the Syrian restaurant, Almond Bar ,in Darlinghurst.  WOW!  what amazing flavours!
I found Syrian food to be very similar to Greek, Turkish and Lebanese foods (all foods I adore) so I was VERY excited about our meal.

Almond Bar was a smallish in size, but I think that just made the atmosphere better.  It was cozy, but not loud or crowded and the decor was pretty cool.  I LOVED their amazing water jugs (check out the 10th photo in their photo gallery on their website)

To start off they brought us a selection of almonds.  Some were smoked, some were salted, some had sugar and cinnamon and some had some kind of sticky gooey stuff with sesame seeds on.

We had a trio of Dips for starters,  a virgin cocktail (muddled lime with sugar, topped with cranberry juice) and for mains we tried the grilled haloumi, the grey zucchini stuffed with scallops and rice and spiced rice, eggplant and chicken dish.

We were planning to have dessert (I really wanted to try the rosewater icecream) but we were both full and exhausted and decided to give dessert a miss.  I kind of regret missing on trying the rosewater icecream, but It has inspired me to try and make my own (watch this space!!).


trio of dips with pita bread and crudites


creamed garlic on toasted pita

grilled Haloumi

stuffed grey zucchini
scallop and rice stuffed zucchini

spiced rice, eggplant and chicken

So that was Sydney!   

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