Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I know

  It's been a while.... 8 weeks and 2 days ish.

A few days after the last post I birthed a baby and have a bit distracted.

I thought I'd ease myself back in and help Shae from Yay for Home reach her goal of 20 linked blogs, with a few things I know.

So here's what I know (the extended past a week version)

* going from eating whatever while pregnant to then have to go back to an egg free, dairy free, spice free, chilli free breastfeeding baby friendly diet SUCKS!  I had a laksa coz I thought I could trick the baby.... but then he didn't poo for a week and cried A LOT and now sneaking a laksa is not worth the pain. 

* giving up the occasional bites of dairy I was sneaking during pregnancy was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.

* I miss eating out!  I know it's not forever but I want to eat everything and I keep craving super spicy mega chilli foods

* People bring you cake when you've just had a baby  HAZAAR! 

home grown Plums and oat cake (vegan)
*when you've just had a baby you make yourself lots of cake.... coz you know baby needs milk that tastes like cake
the beginnings of a pineapple upside down cake

* getting used to having a babe in arms and still having to cook and parent the other childrens is HARD!!! 

* Having my dad fly over to visit and bring some of my nonna's cooking makes for happy everything!
minestra - basically boiled weeds with beans.

*being not pregnant means I can have a bit of booze..... so I've been enjoying my sips of cider. Especially this strawberry and lime business.... mmmm is good!

and that's what I know. 

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